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PAT 3 Training DVD

Training-DVD based on the PAT (=Playing Ability Test), three-level test and training program for pool billiards, recommended by the World Pool Assoociation.

Based on the PAT-system, Ralph Eckert (book author and European coach of the EPBF) and Andreas Huber (coach of the German national pool team, European coach & DSF commentator) explain visually how to play pool.
German top player Thorsten Hohmann (world champion 2003, German and European champion for consecutive years) plays all exercises of the test, which Eckert and Huber explain through detail.
Based on the training program they demonstrate an integral way how to quickly learn the game with the balls and how to improve your pool skills technically.
Take advantage of the knowledge and skills of these two top level sports instructors and let them show you how to improve your pool game by simple instructors and let them show you how to improve your pool game by simple means and become more successful even on the receational level.
A must for all pool fans.
The third DVD (PAT 3) is not just for expert players, but also for everyone who is interested in the fine detailed techniques involved at this skill level.
Pool billiards is presented here at a world class level. Technical aspects are addressed at the table, as well as the mental aspects of the game.
The DVD includes an interview with Thorsten Homann as well as a detailed discussion between the two instructors about the psychological background of this exact sport of hand-eye coordination.

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